About Us​

At SN Brothers, we understand the growing demands of the Oil and Lubricants industry, especially within major industrial sectors. As a local company based in Pakistan, we have assembled a highly qualified team of professionals managed by experienced individuals with a strong background in domestic and international Oil & Lubricants business management.

Our dedicated staff is extensively trained to provide the best services to our customers, ensuring their needs are met efficiently. In fact, our Director personally oversees company operations and actively assists customers with their regular requirements. By representing major brands such as SHELL, TOTAL, and CALTEX on behalf of our customers, we offer competitive prices without compromising on product quality.

Our Mission

Since 2013, SN Brothers has experienced rapid growth by providing excellent service and high-quality oil and lubricant products. Our efficient customer base system keeps us updated on their needs, and our dedicated sales team regularly visits them. While primarily covering Punjab, we also expand our customer base and services nationwide. Our goal is to gain market share through unmatched product quality and superior service. Despite being smaller, we compete effectively with multinational companies due to our commitment to customer satisfaction. SN Brothers’ focus on service and quality sets us apart as a strong player in the industry.

Company Strategy

SN Brothers is driven by a clear purpose – to provide the best and highest-quality services to customers, meeting their demands and requirements within a competitive industry. Our vision is to be a leading player in the Oil and Lubricants sector, offering exceptional services to both existing and prospective customers in a highly competitive environment. To achieve this, our mission is to establish a respected and professional organization in the Oil and Lubricants business, working with dedicated and trained staff in a friendly environment for the benefit of our valued customers. Our core values include a commitment to sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices, along with reliability, loyalty, commitment, honesty, innovation, creativity, motivation, optimism, inspiration, passion, and respect. As part of our goals, we aim to expand our business by setting up new branches across the country and growing our network of customers, solidifying our position as one of the best companies dealing in Oil and Lubricants products.